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leading edge, practical and real world.

Our programs at Siam include lots of subjects and study options, solid training projects and tough workshops, allowing you to specialize in your interests.

Programs on offer at Siam University

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Undergraduate Programs

To get our students ready for their future careers, Siam University offers 30 programs, in 12 faculties and 2 colleges, including programs for transfer students. There is more than enough knowledge to strengthen Siam students into tomorrow's workforce.

Master's and Doctoral Programs

Graduate and Doctoral programs offered will enable students to further develop their knowledge, exchange ideas and learn from practice in order to strengthen their personality and gain more opportunities for the job promotion and career path.

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Academics 9

International Programs

International studies for undergraduate and graduate levels are provided with several options. Every year students from different parts of the world are fully equipped with outstanding and intellectually exciting learning environment at high academic standards. Through consistent practice of communication skill and business-oriented projects under the supervision of specialists, all will be ready to join high profile companies or multi-national enterprise.

Strong Siam: Brain@Bangwa

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