The Student Leadership Camp on “The New Leadership for Our Sustainable Future” 2021

31 August 2021 till 02 September 2021, Siam University, Tokai University, and SEAMEO SEP co-hosted a Virtual Student Leadership Camp – “The New Leadership for Our Sustainable Future.” The student camp was filled with cultural diversity, a pillar of Siam University, with 40 students from Siam University and Tokai University. Students joined from 8 Asian countries, Thailand, Japan, India, P.R. China, Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Cambodia.

This program provided various extra-curricular activities to engage students in student leadership projects and an avenue to explore leadership and innovative ideas post COVID-19. Activities included introducing the critical aspects of cultural diversity and entrepreneurial engagement and sharing mutual perspectives through group discussions, brainstorming, and presentation in the Breakout rooms.

UNESCO’s Four Pillars of Education, which comprise Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Live Together, and Learning to Be, emphasizes a Humanistic approach to education. The two pillars, learning to live together and learning to be, are disappearing in this pandemic and digital era where people lack their values and lack a global sense of humanity. The goal of the leadership camp was to allow a platform where students create s strong friendships and network among fellow students and participants to provide knowledge of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

This camp was comprised of knowledgeable topics such as “Sufficiency Economic Philosophy (SEP) projects for SDGs,” presented by Prof. Emeritus Dr. Chanita Rukspollmuang, Vice President of Siam University. Speakers also included an Inspirational session named “Exploring a Sustainable Leader in You,” by Mr. Sukich Udindu, Central Director of SEAMEO Regional Centre for Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP). Students were excited with amazing presentations, responded with many questions, and creative solutions to implement their SDG goals. The keynote session, “Leadership skills in 21st Century,” presented by Ms. Yhing Sawheny, Deputy Director, International Affairs with Mr. Michael Slater, International Student Engagement & Development Coordinator became a basis of the student camp and the Breakout sessions for brainstorming and discussion towards achieving SDG within their personal leadership skills. Another remarkable lecture on Cultural Diversity and Education titled “Multi-cultural exchange initiatives was presented by the Department of International Studies, Tokai University” by Prof. Daisuke Onuki, Tokai University, Japan. The next session included a mutual cultural experiences topic “Japanese Life in Thailand” by Japanese Professor of Siam University, lecturer Aj. Tomohito, Siam University and Thai Life in Japan by a Thai Student at Tokai University, Ms. Phaka Napaskamol.

We are looking forward to see our students continue to grow their networks and become the leaders of our sustainable future.

Presentation Session STUDENT LEADERSHIP CAMP 2021



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