A Sustainable Future with SU


In 2018, Siam University appointed a Strategy Working Group to revise our mission and vision in order to give more emphasis on sustainability actions based on the late King Rama IX’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy (SEP) and the UN 17 SDGs. The university council then approved our revised vision and mission as follows:

Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs


“Siam University shapes sustainable future with diversity of innovation”


3 Pillars of Siam University


Providing students with the proper set of skills and knowledge that will enable them to gain new employment with ease and maintain the excellence that will help them to advance in their career choices. Between learning new abilities and understanding, they will also learn new personal attributes for their future successes. This is the key to a brighter future for the new generation of the workforce.


Diversity is an important aspect to experience and understand. In preparation for a global society, Siam provides a wide variety of courses that offer insight into many different aspects of work and professional careers. Through teamwork and specialized guidance, many skills increase and an increased opportunity for future employment


Siam University’s mission is to prepare students for their future careers in a highly dynamic and globalized environment. We also focus on the study and promotion of Asian Wisdom and it’s implication on the ASEAN community. We cultivate the sense of ethics and responsibility while respecting different cultures and belief as well as embracing sustainability.

สมัครเรียน วันนี้

มหาวิทยาลัยสยามจัดสรรหลักสูตรทันสมัย ให้นักศึกษาได้เรียนสนุก​ รู้จริง และทำงานได้จริง เพื่อก้าวสู่การเรียนรู้ และเสริมสร้างประสบการณ์แบบมืออาชีพ ก่อนก้าวสู่โลกการทำงานจริง


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