Community Development Activities

Siam University team put a lot of efforts to conceive ideas to create sustainable development activities supported by multi-partnerships and mobilize each project wisely with thorough understanding of the communities need. Mainly to achieve the well-being of the people and of the world.

Students, partnership with other network, all unite for the sustainable development goals.

Siam students cooperate well with private sectors and the community people for better living in our district, from one's home to one's community and from one's city to the global effect.

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Saving the World

Destined to become a sustainable university

Ranking 6th in Thailand as sustainable university, we continue our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and encourage no single use of plastic.

Quality Education

From Waste to Space

Civil engineering students led by Deputy Dean of Engineering Faculty, Dr. Tritos Khumsuwan joined forces with a private sector from Insee Brand to help supporting the community of Bangkobua sub-district in Phrapradaeng. Converting a waste space into "Save the world Space" on September 9, 2020 by using Insee product mixed with the local organic waste to create a proper community playground and their get together place. This beautiful community will continue using the formula they learnt from the civil engineering students and adapt it for other sustainable purposes.

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Co-hosting University Speech Contest

Celebrating the Kings of Chakri Dynasty

Students from Faculty of Pharmacy and Nursing joining the Semi-final University Speech Contest with other institutions students in Bangkok to celebrate the work of the Chakri Dynasty Kings. The event took place at Siam University, co-hosting with Chulalongkorn University Alumni Association, in May 7, 2022.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Volunteer Cultivation

It is important for our students to learn to volunteer in efforts to maintain the living well concept in the Phasicharoen vicinity and back home.

Around Siam Community
Saving the Environment


Saving the Environment

Through our efforts in the Northern parts of Thailand, we take part in planting new trees and help clean-up the forests.

Strength in Numbers

Help developing PhasiCharoen Sustainability

With the sense of belonging to Phasicharoen district, Siam University students joining forces in the Youth Project of ACT-Yuwapat sponsored by General Savings Bank to help the communities in the vicinity around Siam University in order to generate more household income as well as preserve the environment.

Poonbumpen leader with students and GSB

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