Public Service

Siam University strives to be a leader in public service and sustainability efforts that benefit the community and the world

Our Efforts

Our activities aim to improve our home and community from the local area to a global aspect

Saving the World

Sustainable University

Ranking 7th in Thailand as a green university, we continue our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint

Helping Hands

Community Outreach

We work together with our community to create a better environment and share knowledge to empower our neighbors

Local Enhancements

Beautification Efforts

It is our desire to keep our local surroundings looking beautiful and create new efforts through recycling and reusing items to save our environment

Volunteer Day


It is important for our students to learn to volunteer time in efforts to maintain our communities


Saving the Environment

Through our efforts in the North of Thailand, we take part in helping to plant new trees and clean-up our forests

Strength in Numbers

Community Cleanup

Our student community regularly assists the local workforce with the surrounding area cleanup efforts