The world opens up with new experiences in university --> ชมรมอีเว้นท์กีฬาสันทนาการเร้าใจ 


Value of Development

Through extra-curricular activities we are able to learn more about ourselves and develop real life skills that are needed for our future after graduation


Only the Best

Students can develop teamwork skills through more than 20 clubs that aim to help develop learning skills and positive attitudes to benefit the population upon graduation

Your journey begins now



Sports around the world is a way to bond and create lasting relationships, join a sports team at Siam University today

Student Activities

University-sponsored activities take place all year long. Keep up to date with what is going on with our events


With many clubs available, each student has the opportunity to gain new abilities and develop friendships

Arts & Culture

Thai heritage and traditions are practiced throughout the country providing identity and pride

Getting Around

Find out what is in the area of Siam University. Restaurants, coffee shops, retail shops, malls, and much more

Student Affairs

Through strong cooperation and commitment, the Student Affairs department focuses on the quality of student activities to help create relevant and quality results

Video Gallery

Take a look and see the fun activities for yourself